• Dallas will soon have a sustainable urban skyscraper

  • sustainable_urban_skyscraper.jpg
    North Carolina based architecture firm Little Diversified Architectural Consulting has conceived an incredible project that will transform a vacant parking lot in Dallas to a completely self-reliant eco-city. The project has been given the name as Entangled Bank. The project will feature a green-walled citadel emblazoned with solar panels, an agricultural field and also an extensive system for greywater treatment and recycling. This will provide sustainable food, water and energy to the residents living in the building. The entire project will have residences, retail and educational institutions and will also include communal sky pastures with a 80,000 square feet of agricultural farmland which is vertical and also a 20,000 square foot grain field that provides food for the city’s inhabitants.

    The entire structure uses photovoltaic panels on the southern façade to power the residential units within the building and includes a series of vertical axis wind turbines to provide power to the central development. The architects have also incorporated grey water treatment facilities and also retention ponds to capture water runoff into their design for a sustainable city.

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