• Dallas Project in Texas uses renewable sources of energy in its architecture

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    With the environment degradation constantly happening, it is essential we come up with smart architectural solutions that harvest regenerative power of the environments and buildings’ natural systems. A new project which consists of a full city block in Dallas, Texas uses a novel geothermal cogeneration plant as an optimum choice for a renewable energy source. The one-million sq. ft. project also incorporates photovoltaic solar collection system. These two alternative energy resources are calculated to produce about 7.4 million kilowatt hours each year which is more than what is consumed by the project every year. The space across the building is also utilized thoughtfully with residential and commercial units along with sky parks. In addition, an inclined park at ground level provides space for a gravity-operated water scrubbing system that utilises native flora for water purification. The project’s progressive and modern design is a peep into the future of architecture in times when we have to think and act sensibly towards exploiting the potentials of renewable sources of energy.

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