• Computers go biodegradable, with new material developed by PEGA

  • Biodegradeable-computer-cases-made-1.jpg
    Computers are destined for a greener future. Today, a major part of our lives involves the use of these machines, and people around the world are constantly upgrading to better technology, which leaves a pile of old and trashed-out electronic waste piled up in landfills, sucking the life out of our environment. PEGA Designs & Engineering has however, thought of bringing in a change to the way computers are manufactured. The company has developed a new material that could be used in computer manufacturing. The material is sturdy as ever and flexible too, increasing its usability. Made from polypropylene and recycled paper, the material, unlike the plastics usually used, is biodegradable.

    With this, computers landing up at landfills probably won’t spend the end of their days waiting for centuries to degrade. Biodegradable computing will make for a cleaner and greener planet.

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