• CO2 calculator for everyday green monitoring

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    The CO2 calculator is a tool that has been introduced in response to an increasing customer request for precise CO2 numbers. Frepar Networks have developed the solar-powered CO2 Calculator; it includes calculating every human activity, which contributes to expanding or contracting our CO2 footprints, from utilities to trash and recyclables. It is possible in the future for users to calculate their yearly Carbon Tax payments as well. It all comes down to the credibility of a particular home’s green solutions. It is easy for a manufacturer to say that a solution is more environmentally friendly than others are, but with this calculator, one can actually prove it, right down to the household level.

    The CO2 calculator helps by calculating the carbon footprints of everyday activities, we can get precise numbers on the CO2 emissions from water heating, power wastage, transport, and disposal. That is the real break-through with green living, something that Japan has taken a keen interest in the recent time.

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