• British Richard Jenkin’s Greenbird wind-powered craft breaks record

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    When one man in the United States broke all odds and raced against wind to set a record of 116mph in his Iron Duck Vehicle ten years ago, another fellow across the sea in UK stood interested. Now, he has accomplished his dream by racing his wind powered Greenbird and breaking Bob Schumacher’s speed reaching 126.1 mph in Ivanpah Lake, Nevada. British engineer Richard Jenkins’ Greenbird is a carbon fibre composite vehicle that uses wind (and nothing else) for power with the wing bearings and wheel unit in metal.

    The Greenbird is described as a “very high performance sailboat” but one that uses a solid wing, rather than a sail, to generate movement. The craft weighs 600 kg and also has small wings helping the car stick to the ground and not fly off due to the lift on the wings. It took Richard ten years to finally achieve his goal and seeing him sustain the patience and hard-work so much, he deserves a pat on the back and some more.

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