• Bricks made in room temperature using bacteria, sand, calcium chloride and urine

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    Answering natures call isn’t just throwing out waste anymore. Thanks to an American architecture professor in Abu Dhabi, we can now use urine to create bricks! These types of sustainable bricks are “built” from bacteria, sand, calcium chloride and urine.

    The pee-less method used today to make bricks involve the use of brick kilns, huge ovens that tend to eat up a load of energy. Well, instead of using those energy wasters to make building material, we can now simply use this eco-friendly way, of creating bricks at room temperature. Using microbial-induced calcite precipitation, chemical reactions cause the microbes on sand to join, creating bricks looking like sandstone, strong as clay-fired bricks or even marble! Now using urea in this process might raise a few eyebrows, since these bricks will end up being the walls of our homes in future, but then again, it is indirectly a form of recycling urine that would just end up in sewers anyway!

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