• Belkin’s Energy Conservation Device

  • Belkin_Energy_Conservation.jpg
    Who doesn’t love electronics, but aren’t they like leeches sucking energy even when switched off? Belkin conserve surge is a device, on which the energy sucker is put on a timer. A very simple device, which automatically cuts/stops the power to the connected gadget after 11 hours of use. Not to worry, you can save your work before it gets disconnected because the conserve surge features two always –on outlets alongside the six timed outlets. There is also another feature i.e. an LED warning light. So when the electricity is about to turn off, this LED light will start blinking. It will be like a signal to save your work.

    I think parents whose children are hooked on the net, will welcome it more . Or to say even spouses. Priced at 35$, it definitely is a long term investment.

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