• Amplify your iPhone music without electricity, using the Koostik

  • Koostik.jpgNeed an iPhone speaker dock that’s as green as one can get? Well, your search has finally come to an end with the Koostik iPhone Stereo dock. Nothing gets greener than the Koostik, and here’s why. It needs no plugging in to amplify your music! So how does it function? Using the principals of wood acoustics, this one amplifies all your favorite tracks playing out of your iPhone. No wires, no electricity and no grid connections required here. Well, if you’re into heavy metal and high-volume music, this one might not just be the right choice for you. If you love those soft vocals and instruments playing though, the Koostik is sure to make you smile till your face hurts.

    Optionally made from walnut, cherry and birdseye maple, the Koostik sure seems to be the best way to play your iPhone music out loud, without electricity!

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