• Aminosilicones in hair products capture CO2

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    We all use some kind of hair product to keep our mane in shape and presentable. What you probably don’t know is that product of yours contains ingredients that can absorb carbon dioxide. Aminosilicones are products used in hair conditioners, fabric softeners, and flexible high-temperature plastics that can also be used to capture CO2. Scientists at GE Global Research recently had an “Aha!” moment with this discovery.

    Unlike other materials that snatch runaway CO2 gasses from the air, aminosilicones can get rid of an awesome 90% CO2. This is a cheaper way to getting rid of CO2 as compared to the methods used today to capture CO2 from the flues of coal-powered plants. This new technique to kidnap CO2 gasses will take a while before it can actually be applicable though. Let’s just wait and leave the researchers to brainstorm us to a greener future.

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