• Almeisan Tower Design is Triple Zero at Zero Emissions, Energy requirements and wastage

  • Almeisan_Tower.jpg
    Almeisan is the Arabic name for one of the brightest stars in the sky, located in the constellation Gemini; its name derives from Al Maisan, or “the shining one”. The Almeisan Tower combines a delicate, soaring structure with a 600kW solar tower and passive cooling systems claimed to be almost “triple zero”, which means it has zero emissions, zero energy requirements and zero waste. Sadly, the tower may never see the light of day. It was submitted by architect Robert Ferry in a recent competition to design a tall emblem structure for Za’abeel Park in Dubai, but the entry was unsuccessful. The 165 meter Almeisan Tower would generate both its own energy and the energy required to run the rest of Za’abeel Park, by means of a 600kW solar power tower. 224 large heliostatic polished mirrors track the sun and reflect a concentrated beam of light into a central collector where a furnace containing liquid sodium is heated to a constant 500 degrees Celsius, and in turn powers a steam turbine. Hopefully in the near future we will see buildings that are more eco-friendly in Dubai and the UAE as a whole.



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