• Aequus 7.0 solar-electric family launch by Bruno Hervouet

  • D.jpgWe’ve seen the use of solar power out in the oceans before, be it huge carrier ships like Auriga Leader or boats like the Frisian Challenge. Well here’s yet another sea-faring vessel that uses juice from the sun to power up, the Aequus 7.0, a solar-electric family launch. Designed and developed by a man who’s seen enough of the sea to fear it, Bruno Hervouet is the former manager of Philéas. After rigorously testing 18 hull designs in a digital wave tank, Hervouet came up with this 7-meter long boat that has room enough for a refrigerator, double berths, a shower and a fully functional toilet.

    The boat uses a combination of solar panels that are integrated cleverly in the retractable canopy and is equipped with on-board AGM lead acid batteries that can throw up 8 hours of cruising, without solar assist. The vessel can accelerate to 7 knots (13 km/hr), and when the 4kW motor is idle, the battery banks began to charge up automatically. The Aequus 7/0 makes for a perfect vessel for a solar powered cruise along with your family.

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