• A tour bus, a cycle and a pub combined, the City Cycle takes you touring with pedal power

  • City_cycle_beach.jpg
    We’ve seen a bicycle and a skateboard being combined into one ingenious mode of transport before. The City Cycle however took our breath away. What happens to be a bicycle, a bus and a pub (you got that right, a real pub!) combined, the City Cycle design was conceived by Casimir Sienkiewicz and his team at Caztek Engineering, who spend most of their time working on aerospace and medical projects. The City Cycle is a 14 passenger “pedal-powered pub” to be used by City Cycle Tours of St. Petersburg Florida for tours of the city’s historic waterfront, and is dependent on its passengers to power it up and propel it forward with pedal power.

    The City Cycle also boasts a keg, tap, in-floor coolers, beefy stereo system and ambient LED lighting for an ambient pub-like atmosphere. With an open deck design great for socializing, all you need to do is sip your cool beverage, use your legs to pedal, while the City Cycle takes you touring through the city streets!

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