• 15,000 Plastic bottle raft sets sail for Hawaii

  • plastic_bottels.jpg A lot of the plastic bottles we consume either end up in land fills or are sadly disposed off into the sea. But since most of us live inland we are unaware of the magnitude at which bottles are disposed of into the sea. A raft build from over 15,000 plastic bottles set sail from Long Beach, CA on Sunday with the intended destination of Hawaii. The trip is expected to last 6 weeks, and was planned to raise awareness around plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean, a problem that has recently surfaced in the media. Due to ocean currents, a large area of plastic waste (twice the size of the United States) has collected in the Pacific.

    Hopefully this raft, named ‘Junk,’ will raise public awareness of this issue. With more responsible recycling and waste handling, we can prevent our trash from ending up in bodies of water. We just hope that the raft does not end up being the junk that it wants to get rid of in the first place.

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