• ZEHST flies from Tokyo to London in 2.5 hours with miniscule emissions

  • EADS-ZEHST-concept-plane-1.jpg
    Currently, a flight trip from Tokyo to London takes approximately about 11 hours. In the future, if everything goes as planned, you could be making trips between the two cities in flat 2.5 hours one way! Unveiled at the 2011 Paris Airshow, this super fast aircraft by EADS could probably be the future passenger aircraft, travelling at speeds well above Mach 4. And here’s the reason we’re head over heels for this one. Keeping emissions as low as possible, the aircraft called the ZEHST (Zero Emission Hypersonic Transport) uses three different propulsion systems and can travel at 100,000 feet while adhering to European Commission targets for reduced noise, CO2 and NOX.

    Well, it’s only a matter of time that human-beings finally begin travelling even faster, probably as fast as light. All we can do is hope that future transport modes stay green too.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 21, 2011