• World’s first solar powered ferry sets sail in Hong Kong

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    Every one uses some form of transport to commute. Most of these end up polluting the environment and leaving a considerable dark carbon footprint. Well, here’s a cleaner and greener way to travel, over waves. A solar powered ferry, the world’s first, that made its inaugural journey in Hong Kong. We’ve seen quite a few electric yachts and other solar powered sea-faring vessels before, like the revolutionary Turanor and the Poseidon concept craft. Solar powered ferries have remained pretty unheard of though before.

    Carrying up to around a 100 people, this ferry saves around 50 percent of the fuel that would be burnt, using juice from the sun instead. A solar powered electric engine and a diesel engine power this one up, with the craft switching to diesel power if incase the solar batteries are drained. A great way to travel, solar powered ferries are a welcome change all over the world too!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 28, 2010