• World’s fastest train will travel at 310mph based on magnetic levitation in Japan

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    Japan will soon have a good chunk of its population leaving their cars at home opting for rail travel instead. The Central Japan Railway recently announced plans to build the world’s fastest train that will travel between Tokyo and Nagoya. A move like this will sure make travelling a load easier, as people will opt for this high-speed train route instead of sitting behind the wheel of their gas-guzzlers waiting for the stop light to change. And leaving all those cars home will sure help clean up the air too! The train will run 178 miles on part of an existing Tokyo-to-Osaka line, with the new line costing $64 billion. The company expects this train to travel at astounding speeds of 310 miles per hour.

    And higher speeds do not necessarily mean lesser safety. These trains will use magnetic levitation that helps reduce friction and increase speeds. Japan has planned out a quicker way to keeping cars of the road!
    [NY Times]

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