• World’s fastest sidecar, the Killajoule, breaks records at 389.219 km/h!

  • killajoule-1Just when we’d begun to imagine that electric vehicles have finally reached their speed thresholds, the Killajoule has managed to leave us astounded again. Built by Eva Håkansson, the Killajoule has been crowned as the ‘World’s Fastest Electric Sidecar’, touching a top speed of 389.219 km/h at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials. The side-car managed to achieve a two-way average of 387.328 km/h, leading to Håkansson bagging the crown for the ‘World’s Quickest Female on a Motorbike’.

    killajoule-2The EV measures 19 feet and sports a battery that charges using wind power. Alternatively, this one also powers up with a hybrid bio-diesel generator. Made from a fiberglass composite nosecone body constructed by Nova Kinetics Aerosystems, the 1540lb vehicle withstands high speeds with ease. The Killajoule has proven to the world yet again, that electric and green does not necessarily mean slow!

    [Via – Designboom]






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