• Wireless charging for your electric car by Evatran

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    Your electric car can now charge up without the hassle of cables and wires hooking it on to a charging station. Instead, it will draw energy from a source placed under its belly. The sophisticated and innovative Plugless Power devices by Evatran are on display at the Plug-In 2010 Conference in San Jose, CA. These are basically wireless charging systems that shun the need of plugging-in. Evatran chooses to call this technological development of theirs proximity charging. A parking block and a vehicle adapter, a control tower, the size of a shoebox that needs to hook on under the car in ahead of the front wheels is what comes in the package. The block, using a transmitter, can be moved around to move closer to the car’s receiver. With a maximum distance of 2 inches, you can have your EV charging up.

    The system’s tower keeps the user informed and warned before the charging-up begins. The first generation system soon to be released will use a cord though, with a Level 2 (240 volt, 32 amps) charge using a J1772 connector. Costing $3,000, the system can be made wire-free for an extra $800.

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