• Wind-powered Ventile car uses giant fan to suck air

  • Wind-powered-entile-car-1.jpg
    Car manufacturers are quickly turning away to alternative energy sources for vehicles of the future. Designer Thierry Dumaine has come up with one such vehicle that powers up in a pretty interesting way, a paradigm shift away from the ordinary. Called the Ventile, this vehicle uses a gas/electric hybrid system to power up. Besides that, it also uses a giant fan below the battery that sucks in air and drives the car forward. And for that, the car needs to be light, which is why this one weighs in at just about 350kgs. The Ventile also boasts a translucent body and rubberless wheels, which further help in weight loss.

    A design fit to revolutionize the automobile for good, this seems like a dream come true indeed.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 23, 2011