• Wind and solar powered Unmanned Ocean Vessels give off zero-emissions

  • SolarSailor.jpg
    Bringing renewable energy to Unmanned Ocean Vessels, New South Wales-based ship builder Forgacs Engineering Pty Ltd. and renewable energy firm SolarSailor recently pulled the veil of the SolarSailor UOV. In what could be a revolutionary technological upgrade for a $2 billion worldwide UOV market, this UOV (Unmanned Ocean Vessel) uses renewable-electricity generated at sea from propeller regeneration to power up. Also, on-board photovoltaic cells power the steering, lighting, movement sensors and satellite communications, making it a clean and green ocean-faring vessel. With lithium Ion battery packs nestled in its hull to store extra energy, this one requires no fossil fuels to operate and gives off zero-emissions!

    A great way to keep tabs on Australia’s vast coastline, prone to unauthorized marine landings and smuggling, this UOV is bound to do its job in an eco-friendly and energy-efficient way.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on September 12, 2011