• Will Harley Davidson embrace the electric motor?

  • harley-davidsonA “quite Harley Davidson” is pretty much a paradox. These bikes, known to drink tankards of gas and roar around neighborhoods frightening little old ladies, now have a change of heart. The Milwaukee-based motorcycle company could soon be dishing out bikes that thump a little lesser than usual, much to the disappointment of bikes and the pleasure of everyone else. Harley posted a video recently of one of its creations riding down Route 66 without the customary potato-potato thump!

    Instead, the bike teased in the video sounds like an electric green-mobile and somewhat reminded us of the noise Batman’s bike makes! Could this be a fresh new start given to the American biking industry? Could biker gangs soon stop at EV charging stations instead of gas pumps? Will we ever hear a thumping motorcycle ever again? Let’s wait and watch!

    [Via – Engadget]

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 26, 2014