• Volkswagen’s Milano electric taxi

  • Volkswagen_Milano_ev_1.jpg
    City streets will be a cleaner place, if we have taxis like the Milano around. Volkswagen’s new battery powered taxi was unveiled at the Hanover Trade Show in Germany this week. The car does away with the passenger door on the driver’s side, allowing passengers to get off on the curb. Also, the front passenger seat is ripped off to make room for luggage.

    Using lithium-ion batteries, the Milano boasts a 186 mile drivable range on the EU cycle with a 45 kilowatt-hour pack mounted in the floor. This car is a concept design as of now. Hopefully, Volkswagen, the German automaker does come up with a vehicle like this for production in future.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on April 21, 2010