• Vintage Electric 2016 Tracker e-bike is the past, present and future

  • vintage-electric-2016-tracker
    A Vintage Electric e-bike is just what the planet needed. The 2016 Vintage Electric Tracker is a marvel of design and engineering that exemplifies simplicity and convergence of the new and old. For the last couple of years, Vintage Electric has been steadily impressing us with 20th century-based board track racing bike designs fitted around modern electric engines. The 2016 Tracker enters the ring with 15 percent efficiency over last year’s model even with 20 percent more torque produced and a larger 70 watt-hour battery in tow. It can easily cover 35 miles on a single charge and ensure that you have everyone’s eyeballs and double-takes focused in your general direction.

    The Vintage Electric 2016 Tracker e-bike is not mean concept but an actual bike that will set you back $4,995. And this is the price for the stock model with the stock color. The price rises as soon as your whims demand color options and more.

    [ Via : Engadget ]

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