• VESNA: A single person electric vehicle

  • vesna-1.jpg
    This awesome and completely futuristic looking automobile had been designed by a Russian designer, Kristina Magnitskaya. To start with, VESNA, as it is named is a single seater electric car. Not only does it works on electricity and not burn fuels, this beauty is also made up 100% environment friendly products. It is made designed and developed entirely from one-piece natural resin composite with the wiring of the car all held inside the vehicle. Composed of a non-synchronous electric motor that enables the front tires of the concept car to have an offset center of rotation, the rear wheels are made from reinforced rubber. The power that is provided to the car VESNA is stored underneath the storage compartment and is easily accessible.


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 22, 2010