• Vanmoof 10 Electrified, the electrically-assisted urban bike!

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    Like we’ve said time and again before, it’s about time you leave that environment-chocking gas-guzzler at home (we’re talking about your car here), and ride around the neighborhood or to work using a more energy-efficient and clean mode of transport, like this electric bike by Vanmoof! Called the 10 Electrified, the bike has it all, a GPS tracking device, smart power control and a lightweight, integrated battery.

    The bike’s assist mode assures to boost your pedal power by about 80% and features a Smart Power Assistance technology that makes this bike all the more urban-friendly. Sporting a discreet dashboard as well that controls all the main functions of the bike, the 10 Electrified is also thief-proof, thanks to its intelligent GPS tracking system that ensures your bike will always stay with you!






    [Via – Yankodesign]

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