• V-Tent car-cover protects your EV and juices it up too!

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    Looking for the perfect way to protect your shiny new electric car from the harsh elements outside? Well, this development is bound to suit your taste! Called the V-Tent, this fantastically designed collapsible canopy envelopes an electric vehicle as it’s being charged. What sets it apart from a conventional car-cover is the fact that the V-Tent sports photovoltaic cells that soak in the sun’s energy, converting it all into electricity to power up you EV!

    The V-Tent was designed by Turky-based Designnobis and can keep your car away from the sun’s heat and the dampness of rain. The cover uses three materials in all with the inner-most layer sporting micro ventilation tube, the middle layer using a reflective material while the top incorporates flexible solar panels.







    [Via – Fastcoexist]

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on March 21, 2013