• Urbanlit-e 1603 Electric Bicycle is clean, green and foldable

  • Urbanlit-e-1603-Electric-Bicycle.jpg
    What folds, zips around without coughing up carbon and is juiced by electricity? You probably won’t get this one, so we’ll tell you anyways. We’re talking about the cute little Urbanlit-e 1603 Electric Bicycle, a Chinese creation that is sure to grab hearts world over. The bike is as light as its clean, and weighs in at just 19kg. Also, it folds neatly into a tightly tucked package that you can pack into the trunk of your car. So the next time you get stuck in that gridlocked street while on your way to work, you can just unfold this one from your trunk and ride away from the honking coughing mess of cars. The Urbanlit-e has a range of 35km and takes around 5 to 7 hours to charge up fully.

    For a price as low as £646.25 this one sure is a deal you just can’t miss. Who wouldn’t love an electric bike like this after all!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 30, 2010