• Urban Concept Vehicle Fitted with Water Purifier for the Future Third World in 2030

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    Climate Change, global warming is our immediate concern and future predictions are very grim. Designers are already gearing up by coming up with futuristic designs. Urban Concept Vehicle is one such design and it is designed for urban poor of the third world in 2030. Designer Nicholà€s Chacana has envisioned massive relocation, scarcity of drinking and food. So this vehicle is fitted with water purification system which can recycle water from any resource such as lakes and ponds and makes it fit for drinking. The vehicle is also fitted with hydroponic modules which will help people grow their own food in nutrient dissolved water.

    Technological advances may not help us to reverse climate change or global warming but these futuristic designs will certainly enable us to adapt and cope with the grim realities in the future. Urban Concept Vehicle is entirely based on carbon nanotubes technology and hydroponics. Both are new technological fields. Let us hope reality will not be all that grim and that these concepts will help us to implement sustainable living.
    Via Tuvie