• Universal Studios Hollywood gets greener with solar powered electric carts

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    Solar powered golf carts have been zooming around over the lush green acres for eco-golfers since some time. But how can Hollywood be associated with such solar powered vehicles? Well, Universal Studios Hollywood has stirred a green move in their park by unveiling a new solar powered electric cart for their employees. Designed by Cruise Car Company, this kind of green drive will enable the staff to move about the premises in speed but without leaving any carbon footprints. Though there weren’t any Hollywood celebs to highlight the launch, along with Shrek and The Mummy, you can find the President and COO of the Universal Studios Hollywood, Larry Kurzweil, and Environmental Media Association President, Debbie Levin in the picture too.

    And this isn’t Universal Studio’s first green move. Earlier, they have bagged the Environmental Media Association’s Green Seal Award for being the first environmentally aware amusement parks in the US.