• Turanor – The largest solar powered yacht to circumnavigate the world

  • Turanor_1.jpg
    The Turanor is preparing for its journey around the world. And no, we aren’t talking about anything or anyone related to The Lord of the Rings. This Turanor is a solar powered yacht, greener then the technology in JRR Tolkein’s trilogy of supernatural creatures. The world’s largest solar powered yacht, the brainchild of skipper Raphael Domjan, is 30 meters long and boasts 536 square-meters of photovoltaic panels. That’s as big as two tennis courts. These photovoltaics will help the Turanor on its circumnavigation of the earth. The catamaran type vehicle costs a sweet $16 million and travels at an average speed of 7.5 knots.

    The batteries can store enough power to last 72 hours, if the sun decides to ditch the journeymen on their way. The solar-powered giant took around 14 months of sweat and labor to construct. We wish it a Bon Voyage!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on May 21, 2010