• Toyota’s latest hybrid sports concept, the MR2 Sports Hybrid is here

  • Toyota-MR2-Sports-Hybrid-V6-1.jpg
    Yet another hybrid sports car rolls out on the race track, this time its Toyota’s baby. The new GRMN MR2 Sports Hybrid is a concept vehicle by Toyota that was unveiled at the Toyota Auto Salon. Toyota’s racing and tuning partner, Gazoo had a hand in this car. The car is a two seat all wheel drive sports machine based on the MR2 roadster. It packs a 3.3-liter V6 petrol engine that powers the back wheels. Toyota’s THSII hybrid system combined with an electric motor makes the cars front wheels spin. This enables the car to fire out a whopping 400 horsepower.

    The roadster weighs just around 1300kg and is capable of zipping up to speeds that make you stick on to your seat. The technology used for this car may be only a concept for now, but in the near future may be the base on which more similar cars are built. So will the MR2 Sports Hybrid be an inspiration for future cars that are greener and environment friendly? We keep our fingers crossed!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 18, 2010