• Toyota’s future hybrid cars will flaunt an Ecological Plastic interior

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    It’s not only the hybrid engines that will lend a green tag to Toyota’s forthcoming eco-friendly car. Toyota Motor Corporation is also intending to put the Ecological Plastic in use in the interiors of the cars. Usage of such plant-derived, carbon-neutral plastics will spread over 50% of the interiors of their newer green vehicles. Watch out for scuff plates, headliners, seat cushions and other interior vehicle parts sculpted out of the Ecological Plastic.

    This green plastic adequately meets the heat-resistance and shock-resistance demands of vehicle interiors through the use of various compounding technologies, such as those allowing molecular-level bonding and homogeneous mixing of plant-derived and petroleum-derived raw materials. Such a plant based plastic material emits less CO2 during a product’s lifecycle than plastic made solely from petroleum; it also helps reduce petroleum use.
    Watch out for a new Toyota hybrid vehicle decked with this eco-plastic in 2009.

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