• Toyota Prius faces breaking issues due to a software glitch

  • The globally acclaimed environment hugging green car, the Toyota Prius is now in the spotlight, for the wrong reasons. The company claims that a software goof up has caused braking problems for the car’s 2010 model and have not recalled any. According to Toyota officials, a disconnect in the car’s ABS (Anti-lock Break System) causes a lag less than one second which will make a car travelling at 60mph have its breaks holding on after it has covered a good 90 feet. Hybrid cars use different breaking systems that also incorporate the use of electric motors besides the contemporary friction depending ones. This also generates electricity to charge the car’s batteries. The government of Japan has asked the company to look into the issue more seriously.

    Let’s hope Toyota comes up with a way to deal with this issue and get the beloved Prius back on the road again.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on February 8, 2010