• Toyota lures city-dwellers with small electric-car concept

  • Toyota-Electric-Concept.jpg
    As the hour demands functional, running electric vehicles, why are the car makers still toying with conceptual green cars? We need more of them hitting the production unit to hit the roads before it’s too late. To sync in with the current demand for green vehicles, Toyota too is intending to display a small battery electric-car concept at the forthcoming North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Based on a subcompact model the Japanese auto maker asserts that the production model will be ideal for city limits. Designed for short-range driving such as everyday shopping and other errands, it isn’t fit for long-distance driving. With an estimated tag of $20,000, eco-city-drivers may need to wait for long to sit behind the wheel of this ‘small battery electric-car’.


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on December 24, 2008