• Toronto-based design team envisions solar-powered flying-trucks!

  • solar-powered flying-trucks.jpg
    Today, most far-flung areas remain out of reach due to bad infrastructure, lack of proper roads and transport links. A Toronto-based team is now working on a pretty practical way of transporting goods and services to areas as such, with a solar-powered flying truck! With the current design enabled to land and take off from football-field sized areas, this could very well be the transport of tomorrow. These flying ships use helium gas and electricity generated by solar panels to take off and drive forward. These flying trucks are capable of flying up to a thousand kilometers in sunshine carrying up to 12 tons of cargo with speeds of up to 85kmph.

    Also, with technological boosts, this concept might further improve in efficiency with lightweight batteries and high-efficiency solar panels, making it a great way to transport goods around the world.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on November 12, 2011