• Tiger Adventures unveils the solar powered Siberian Tiger camper

  • Tiger Adventures, a bespoke firm that turns normal everyday vehicles into campers, has just pulled the veil off its latest way to hit the outdoors. Called the Siberian Tiger, named after the animal hailed to be the largest cat in the world, this camper uses the back of a Ford F450 and uses a three-point mounting system. And the fact that this one’s powered up by solar energy, with AMG batteries used to store the juice, has left us well pleased indeed!
    Sporting a blend of aluminum framing, bamboo flooring and furniture, the camper sports a stainless steel sink, three-burner recessed stove, convection microwave, refrigerator and freezer along with a porcelain toilet, full-length mirror, bamboo vanity, exhaust fan and separate shower area with a modified king bed to top it off. With a 200-watt solar system to power it all, the camper uses LED lighting indoors and is priced at $163,000.


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: on June 12, 2012