• Three electric superbikes unveiled by Roehr Motorcycles

  • Roehr.jpgWe just love bikes that “vroooom!” and are electric too! And we’ve stumbled upon yet another superbike, by Roehr Motorcycles. One of the few American companies to manufacture a true-at-heart-and-speed motorcycle, Roehr has just confirmed that their eRoehr line of bikes is up on the shelves, all ready to be owned by you! And the fact that the line consists of three electric machines makes it all better. The eSuperSport is the youngest of all, with lower offerings, though not bad. These include a 48hp motor, 395lb weight, dual 300mm brake discs up front, 41mm inverted forks, and 5.8Kw/h worth of batteries that offer 80 miles of range and 100mph top speed. Its elder sibling, the eSuperBike packs a bit more, with a combined power of 96hp but a total weight of 500lbs, 7.7Kw/h batteries and 100 miles of range with a 135mph top speed. The eldest, wisest, and quickest of the three, the RR, packs an Ohlin suspension unit in front and the rear.

    And how much does this cost? The eSuperSport costs $16,995; the eSuperBike costs $27,595, while the RR pushes up to $34,495. This one deserves a “magneficient!” and an “awesome!” and all the praises you can look up in your dictionary.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 20, 2010