• This methane car modeled around cow’s digestive system

  • Digestive-Car 2
    When designers take their briefs too literally you can expect nothing short of a shocking concoction. While you may imagine this to be something strewn with bovine macabre but hey, when you look at the result it isn’t so bad after all. Yi-Wen Tseng, a graduate from the Royal College of Art has imagine a car that is powered by bio-printed organs! He has been inspired by a cow’s digestive process to fuel a car and set it in motion. Cows are known to expel large amounts of methane gas and this was the model used by Tseng in his model. He paired a cow’s digestive process with a 3D bio-printing process, which is normally used to develop artificial organs for transplants, he managed to create an alternative fuel system. The four synthetic stomachs of a cow are housed at the rear of the car and facilitates filtration, methane production and digestion.

    Digestive-Car 1
    The input is actual grass and the digestive process is for real. “The shape and structure are designed to strengthen each bio-function and also replace the function of muscles,” said Tseng. “When the driver uses the stomachs to fuel the vehicle, it returns a bio-waste.”
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    [ Via : Dezeen ]

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