• This Christmas GE gifts Santa a High Tech “Green” Sleigh

  • santa1.jpg
    Guess what’s Santa getting this Christmas? GE is giving him a brand new high tech eco friendly sleigh to ride even more comfortably. Giving Rudolph’s little bright red nose a break this season the new sleigh will have OLED lights in the front to illuminate the path for Santa. They are in fact partnering with a thin film battery company to make OLEDs that will not require a power outlet. Icephobic coatings have been made on the exteriors such that ice and water actually repel from the surface to avoid ice form building up while travelling through snow. Carbon fiber composite materials are used to make the frame lighter for the reindeer to pull. Apart from these, many features such as GE Sodium batteries that can help supplement power, wireless medical sensor to monitor Santa’s health, and an Intelligence Tracking Technology to keep track of his whereabouts. This feature can be applied in practical real time use for goods carriers across nations.


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on December 18, 2009