• The Yogo electric scooter packs a spare battery for a better range

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    The Yogo electric scooter joins the ranks of some of its peers we’ve seen before, the Motorino VTn and the Xero. Being electric is the only similarity between them though. The Yogo decides to go a bit farther with its drivable, or should we say ride-able range. A product by Econogo, this scooter uses a simple yet effective idea to extend its range. It simply packs a spare charged up battery in its storage compartment that you can swap with a drained out one when needed. This simple swapping doubles the scooters 22 mile range.

    You can also carry the removable cell to your office and have it charge while you work. A great way to zip through packed city streets without burning up fuel, the Yogo scooter will cost you around £1999 (about $3k). Available in black and beige, this innovative scooter is a smart alternative to charging up every 20 miles.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on April 7, 2010