• The winner of MIT’s SENSEable City Lab, the Copenhagen Wheel turns your cycle hybrid!

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    The 2010 James Dyson Award has been hooked up by a team of students at MIT’s SENSEable City Lab who came up with the Copenhagen Wheel, an innovation created to convert existing full sized bikes into a human / electric powered hybrid bicycles. The event was hosted by Designer Pages along with Dyson and Humanscale. Basically designed to fit on to a bicycles wheel, the Copenhagen Wheel collects energy while the bicycle is in use, generating energy from the riding and braking. The energy generated is stored in the wheel’s internal battery and is used to power up an assist that helps riders ride up slopes and difficult terrains. Besides this, a user can also pair a smartphone to the wheel, to draw information and data and plan biking routes, exercise routines and connect with other users.

    Hopefully, the design does see the light and turn into a reality, turning our regular bicycles into hybrid ones, for as low as $600, the cost at which MIT hopes to market it.

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