• The Twizzle megayacht to make up for future emissions with carbon offsets

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    Now you probably might’ve heard of a load of green vessels like the solar powered Poseidon and the Turanor before. These boats make sure they wipe of their carbon footprints while sailing. Here’s a yacht that makes sure it does so, even before stepping into the water! The Twizzle, built by Royal Huisman, is busy putting off carbon emissions and the carbon footprint she’ll cause in future and while being constructed too. The yacht measures around 57.5-meter (189-foot) and has been hooked on to the Yacht Carbon Offset program. Emissions caused by this yacht, will be measured and made up for. Offsets will also make up for all the steel and aluminum used to build this one and the energy spent on cutting, welding and shaping this one up.

    Offsets will also cover up the emissions caused from the megayacht’s engines, gensets, watertoys, tenders, and even the helicopter. And so, the Twizzle is greener than ever, before wandering out in the oceans afar.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on September 10, 2010