• The tiny electric Nindo Concept is just right

  • Nindo-Concept-1.jpg
    Is that Hummer too big to fit into that puny garage of yours? Or has its drinking habits gone through the roof? Well, it’s about time you switch to a tinnier and cleaner car. Probably something like the Nindo Concept, a car that’s clean, green, recyclable and seriously small, might just do the trick. Its “large” enough to accommodate three, created for the Generation Y and nestles in the microcar segment. Two adults and a child can fit into this one without too much discomfort. The car is made of recyclable plastic materials, cheap and easy to change. It uses rear lights behind the rear window that feature LED technology that saves up on power. Speaking about power, this one has its wheels set in motion by electricity. No polluting clouds of smoke left behind by this one. The Nindo’s dashboard features a touch screen that can be customized and you can have self made applications run.

    Powered by four in-wheel electric motors with the battery neatly tucked below the cabin, this one sure will save you from gridlocked streets.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on August 9, 2010