• The three-wheeled foldable X-Frame powered by electricity, urban transport for the future

  • Electric-folding-vehicle-1.jpg
    We’ve come across a few modes of transport that fold up and are powered by electricity before, like the CYOOO bike. Foldable options usually are limited to two-wheelers, though this time, Japan’s Good Design Expo 2010 saw a three-wheeler, foldable and powered by electricity. The contraption, known as the X-Frame Folding Vehicle was designed by the researches at the Nagoya Institute of Technology. This vehicle is adapts to its speed, the terrain and the number of passengers to quickly change its seat shape whenever required. To store, the X-Frame folds up vertically. The uniquely designed rear wheel of the X-Frame stores its battery which can be replaced. So you don’t really need to wait for this one to charge up fully. Just switch a drained out battery for a fully charged on!

    If sold in markets, a vehicle like this would work just great in urban areas, where parking space is as rare as a needle in a haystack and the air’s forever polluted thanks to our gasoline guzzling cars.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on September 2, 2010