• The sustainable Airship Traveling design for a five-star vacation off the ground

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    In future, traveling by sea won’t be the only five-star experience. You will soon be able to do so by air travel too! With a development like this, the cruise shipping industry is sure to be given a run for its money. Designer Thomas Rodemeier came up with a revolutionary idea that could change the way we vacation in future. Why stay in a silly old five-star hotel when you can opt for one that takes to the skies instead? “Airship Traveling” could catch on easily, making the mobile flying hotel a much looked-forward-to experience.

    So how does this airship remain in the air for so long? To push off the ground, it uses lifting gas that keeps the dome aloft and while landing uses a telescopic anchor-foot. The airship exchanges helium with oxygen, keeping it in the air for longer periods. And to power up its interiors, the Airship is equipped with solar panels on its roof, making your vacation a luxuriously sustainable one.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 15, 2010