• The super green Hydrogenius one litre plane to compete at NASA Green Flight Challenge

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    The main criticisms about airplanes are that they consume too much fuel and are too noisy, especially during takeoff and landing. Thanks to new energy-saving techniques, the electric power train has for the first time a real chance to challenge conventional engines. Its advantages are much higher energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, as well as reduced noise. In order to counter this problem NASA has come out with an ingenious competition to develop the “Green Flight Challenge” to take place in 2011 in San Francisco. The challenge is that this green plane will have to travel at least 320 kilometers at a minimum speed of 160 km/h, consuming not one liter of gasoline equivalent per 100 kilometers.

    The Institute for Aircraft Design at the Universität Stuttgart (IFB) is all set to challenge contestants with the Hydrogenius. The Hydrogenius aircraft will be equipped with a lithium battery and electric motor. The team believes that new energy-saving techniques will help the electric motor challenge conventional motors. It is eco-friendly and has the advantage of high energy efficiency and minimal sound output.
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