• The Polaris Ranger electric all terrain vehicle

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    Maybe it looks like a heavy duty golf cart at first, but this electric vehicle can easily chew off road kilometers. Known as the 2010 Polaris Ranger EV, this vehicle is as stealthy as a cat and works great for those on hunting expeditions. With a 25mph top speed and a drivable range of 50 miles, the Polaris Ranger nestles a 30-horsepower, 48-volt electric motor in its belly. This vehicle can be easily charged at campsites, in your household and just about anywhere with access to power supply.

    The price tag may turn you off though. This vehicle will cost you $10,699 for all its green, clean and noiseless policies. So if your adventurous self is pulling you away from gridlocked city streets and into the wild, do yourself and the environment a favor and own the Polaris Ranger EV.

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