• The P.I.E.T., an electric tricycle for grown-ups

  • P.I.E.T_electric_tricycle1.jpg
    We’ve seen adult tricycles before. And most of these usually end up looking like awkward contraptions from the Rickshaw family. The P.I.E.T. did change our perception of the tricycle though. We don’t consider a tricycle to be a child’s mode of transport anymore. German designer, Lorenz Nasdal came up with the Plug-in Electric Tricycle. This little vehicle is green, and is a scaled down version of an eco-friendly electric car, which means, it leaves no clouds of Co2 behind. This one works just great in mild-weathered countries, taken that it sports an open cockpit with its battery tucked beneath the driver’s seat.

    It’s new, it’s green, and it’s fresh, and sure is a great way to travel.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on December 20, 2010