• The PHATport 350 carport powers up electric cars parked beneath with solar panels

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    The Dwell on Design 2010 played host to an innovative way to park your car and have it charged up at the same time, juicing the sun of its abundant resources, the PHATport 350 by Phat Energy. This carport works as both, a residential carport and covered patio. So what make it different from carports we see around us today? Well, this one can prop up a 2.5 kW solar array on its roof. The PHATport 350 features a unique translucent panel which allows 15% of light to penetrate, providing cool shade with the sun shining at its brightest. And the array it supports can produce more energy than required by a single electric car parked underneath, with extra power sent back to the grid.

    The PHATport 350 is easy to assemble too, and is opened up like a book once rolled onto the sight, on a set of dolly wheels. Production of this product will start later, with orders already being taken in. Without financial incentives, expect this one to cost around $37,000.
    [JetsonGreen And PHAT Energy]

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