• The Mooovie electric vehicle, convertible from a 3-wheeler to a 2-wheeler

  • moovie-_01.jpg
    Futuristic contraptions with weird names seem to be the “in” thing today. Give them a punch of green features, and people tend to love them even more! Well, the latest vehicle in this category is the Mooovie. The need for three “o”s in a name sure set us thinking. A confusing name aside, the Mooovie won the Gold Award of Best Advanced Technology in the first “Science & Future” International Concept Car Design Contest, and for a good reason. The vehicle designed by Han Jing, graduate from School of Fine Art, Tsinghua University, came up with this vehicle, that can switch between a 3-wheel and 2-wheel mode.

    The vehicle is great for use in cities and highways too, with zero emissions, thanks to its electric powered motor. It compresses to a two-wheeler on cramped roads. The three-wheel mode lets you drive at a higher speed. The vehicle also uses an intelligent automatic drive that can control the distance between vehicles. An interactive wheel-display keeps the driver entertained and informed. The Mooovie is sure to grab hearts around, if commercially available.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on May 28, 2010